Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Fort that Jehu Built

This is the Fort that Jehu Built:
Union Fort was built on Jehu & Sarah Cox’s farm in 1849. View Photos Here | The battle of Union Fort occurred nearly 150 years later when their great-grandson Marion Cox joined with Union residents in an effort to preserve their adobe home. It was demolished & a replica built nearby & Marion Cox came to be known as the ‘Honorary Mayor of Union Fort.’
This is Their Legacy:
Marion invites you to help remember our pioneer heritage with a bronze monument of Jehu & Sarah. You can contribute to the 
Jehu and Sarah Cox Memorial, a special project of The Community Foundation of Utah.

This is How You Can Help:
Donations are made to The Community Foundation of Utah
a registered charitable organization (EIN 74-3211770).

Photo Gallery

CLICK HERE to see images of the fort, the adobe home and the efforts to save it.